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No.01, Street 1510, Andong Jenh Village, Ouchar District, Battambang City, Battambang Province, Cambodia.

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No.1 Borey Honglay, Street Lu5, Stung Mean Chey 3, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Healthful Rice


Healthful Red Jasmine Rice (Mother's Rice) 柬埔寨健康茉莉红米 អង្ករក្រហមអ្នកម្តាយ


Brown Rice Type

Healthful Red Jasmine Rice is one of the best brown rice type in the world, and is the most popular brown rice in Cambodia.

Can only be grown once a year, it takes at least 5 months to grow. It is rich in health benefits: suitable for diabetes patients, high blood glucose, digestion and weight lose.

The grain color is pinky red, with average length of 6.8mm. The texture is hard with 100% bran covered, suitable for hard texture rice lover or fried rice lover. To get better flavor and softer texture resemble white rice, 80% bran covered rice is recommended.

***We reserve the right to adjust the price.***

Package Size: 5kg, 2kg and 1kg package.

Cooking instruction:

-100% Healthful Red Jasmine Rice: 1 cup of rice/ 2 cup of water

-80% Healthful Red Jasmine Rice: 1 cup of rice/ 1.2 cup of water

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